A Friend Is a Stranger


Image: Screen Cap from Demi Lovato - Gift Of A Friend - Official Music Video


Distanced but surely not forgotten….

I miss someone today Distanced but surely not forgotten Scenes & flashbacks continuously play In my memory that's nearly rotten. Just before I woke up I saw him face to face again But right after I get up Nothing here but a pinch of pain. I saw him clearly in my dreams We were having … Continue reading Distanced but surely not forgotten….


Oh negligence Why do you devour me? I have given myself completely Yet completely is not necessary. I have wasted a lot of time And put so much energy Not to mention the emotion While doing something that shouldn't be Sleep has left me Leaving me with very little energy Just because I failed to … Continue reading Negligence

A love that never was…

An ordinary girl fell in love with an ordinary boy. Nothing magical, they just have something in common, they belong to the same club at school  so they became friends. Little did they know that they are becoming closer and closer to each other. One day the boy told the girl that he likes her. … Continue reading A love that never was…

Tears keep rolling

Tears keep rolling What happened is uncertain Words coming Like knife, stabbed in pain. Tears keep rolling Eyes wide open Never weary, never blinking Sanity was stolen. Tears keep rolling Body grows numb Hours, hours of thinking Still mouth is dumb Tears keep rolling Wanting to be understood Hopes starts fading No one ever would … Continue reading Tears keep rolling