Meet Me in St. Gallen ….. What are the odds?


I was never a fan of local love story films, because for some reason I feel that it’s almost always predictable and boring. And most of the time love teams here in the Philippines would be given scripts and stories that sometimes really not fit their characters. Well it’s just my opinion though. I only have few favorites, Starting Over Again, That Thing Called Tadhana, and Kita-kita. If you saw these films then you can say they have their own twists that would make you love the characters they portray. Now here comes Meet me in St. Gallen.

Oh what are the odds…. What are the odds that it is a film by my super crush, Carlo Aquino, since I was a kid, which was shown on my birthday February 7. I checked the trailer of this movie Meet Me in St. Gallen, it’s interesting maybe because it was Carlo Aquino’s film. So I’m breaking my rule not to see a film just only because of the actor in the movie. Who cares, I must see this one!

I watched and my heart ached! They hit me so hard with their emotions, the happiness and sadness in their eyes. I can’t and won’t take my eyes out of the screen from beginning to end because there are so many unsaid dialogues in every scene. You don’t need to hear them say anything you just have to hear their hearts speaking.

4 years after…. 2 years after…. and then…. the END! I can’t believe that it’s already the end and my tears fell down. Akala ko joke lang yung …the END…

Because it hit me so hard I was able to make this piece. I’ll just leave in your imaginations on whose character inspired every line.

How can I not fall for you
Baby you’re makin’ it hard for me to do
Every time I try to look away
You effortlessly do things that makes me stay

I know it’s not right from the start
This one-sided feeling is tearing me apart
But baby why can’t I just let you go
I’m so close to letting you know

Come with me to paradise
There we will realize
Even just one day is enough
To feel like you’re my better half

I don’t wanna lose you
But I cannot choose you
I hate this feeling of confusion
And uncertainty of my emotion

Why now, baby why now
Now that I am no longer my own
Why now, baby why now
Now that somebody’s waiting for me to come home

You never said you love me
But you really make me feel wanted
Maybe you never have to say it freely
Coz you know you know it’s complicated

But all those little things we do
Is beyond what lovers do
I know that you know it too
But we both can’t figure out what we are up to

In my dreams you are holding me
Our lips are tightly locked in
Your face is the only thing I see
It’s as if it will never ever end

But baby I know I have to open my eyes
Face the truth and just keep it all in my mind
Coz I don’t know if can pay the price
Of loosing both of you in my life.


Watch it and then you’ll know that this film is not a typical kilig film written for two actors to portray just to have a movie, but a  great story of Jesse and Celeste Forever! Bela Padilla and Carlo Aquino nailed it! Indeed Spring Films has another great master piece here!


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