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CONGRATULATIONS, you are now a “Rarejob” Tutor!; Congratulations on Your Anniversary

           It all started with an urge to get out of boredom after resigning from my beloved fulltime R&D job at a local manufacturing company. Due to change of priority, with a heavy heart I agreed with my husband to resign. Staying at home for  almost a month without doing anything not only made me feel so bored but also depressed. Yes I already have time to do what I want because I don’t have to wake up very early in the morning to prepare for work and go home late tired but suddenly I felt unproductive, needless to say, worthless.

            Browsing through my Facebook, I saw a “Rarejob” advertisement for Online ESL Tutor. I checked the website and right away took the challenge to apply. I’m not a licensed teacher, I don’t have any formal teaching experience, and I’m just an average English speaker. What I only have is a little experience in conducting trainings, and huge amount of guts. That was enough for me to take the challenge to apply. I told myself I have nothing to lose anyway since I didn’t tell anybody about my application, not even my husband, and if anything goes wrong I can just easily shrug it off. At the end of the day I can say “at least I tried.”

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying

   -Michael Jordan

            I registered, took the test online, scheduled and rescheduled my demo lesson, because I was so nervous and felt I’m not yet ready, and then finally passed. I was so happy to hear the phrase: CONGRATULATIONS, you are now a “Rarejob” Tutor! All of those took place at the convenience of staying home. No commuting hassle, no transportation expenses, and especially no face to face rejection. How good was that?!

             My excitement was long-lived as I felt nervous again thinking that this is it, I will have to formally teach for the first time. I’m not confident enough. I have many what ifs, what if my student would not understand me, what if I can’t satisfy their needs, with these in mind I began to spend time studying the system, guidelines and everything that I need to be a good Tutor.

             The first two months were adjustment periods from which I learned a lot. Good thing Japanese students are generally polite, it helped me enjoy what I am doing. I began to regain my confidence and once more felt worthy of doing something, and that is helping my students learn while enjoying. Every day I’m meeting different people; kids, high schoolers, house wives, retirees, businessmen, regular employees, and even CEOs. It’s an awesome experience that I would never regret.

Chances for everyone, everywhere.

             Being a “Rarejob Tutor” helped me grow as a person. I learn while my students learn, at the same time I earn while I learn with them. “Rarejob” really lived up to it’s misson: Chances for everyone, everywhere. I only realized it to be true when I first attended a Tutor gathering. I was in awe to see different of Tutors, from young ones up to those already advanced in age, able and handicapped. What amazed me so much is how approachable our CEO Mr. Tomohisa Kato is. Right then and there I felt so happy to be part of a big and happy family.

            My first year as a Tutor passed by so fast, I didn’t even realized it until I got an email from Kato-san thanking and congratulating me on my first year anniversary. I earned a lot of loyal students, and lost some in the processes but gain even more new ones. More students means more earning with the advantage of time flexibility. I get to choose my schedule. If I don’t feel like teaching then I will not open classes, as simple as that. Sometimes I get tired also because in the long run it may feel like a routine, but because of my loyal students I am continuously inspire to open classes.3

             The highlight of my 2016 was the privilege of passing the certification for Business Conversation Course (BCC) Tutor, something that I really enjoyed since I have a background in the corporate world, and a passion to help business students to get out of their shell and enhance their capabilities as well as their opportunities. BCC training team helped me and train me to be certified thus boosting my already gained confidence in teaching. I felt  more dignified and qualified to teach Business English.

             Today I received another email again, hooray for my 2nd year in “Rarejob”. I am so happy and satisfied. I am looking forward to meeting more challenges and rewards! 8

How to be a Rarejob Tutor? Start here.

How does it work? Check it here.


8 thoughts on “CONGRATULATIONS, you are now a “Rarejob” Tutor!; Congratulations on Your Anniversary”

  1. Hi,
    I just passed the EPT and haven’t scheduled the demo lesson yet because my headset got broken. I need to buy a new one. May I know what brand and model of headset are you using? Thank you in advance! 🙂


  2. Hi Maam Elizabeth, I just had my demo lesson done. The evaluator said Id be receiving an email within 24 hrs to know the verdict. Did that mean I did not pass?


    1. Hi Ms. Ellen. It was under deliberation. I hope it’ll end out well. I had my demo lesson 3 years ago and a lot has changed ever since. I’m not sure if the process is still the same. As for me, after my demo lesson the interviewer already said the result. Let’s hope for the best. 🙂


  3. Hello!
    Thank you for this inspiring post. I am a new rarejob tutor and I am doing it as a part time job. Are your able to open lesson slots from 8am to 5pm? I’d like to know how to qualify to open slots during that time frame.

    Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Kristine, welcome RJ family. 🙂 During my time after 3 months of teaching (consecutives months, i just can’t remember how many lesson slots i opened that time) I received an email telling me that I am already qualified to open slots anytime. It has been 3 years now, the process may change. Anyway you can always ask question to the tutor support. On your home page there is a chat button. 🙂 Hope it helps. Good luck!


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