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Glamming Up My Plain Black Wedge

DIY time once again. I was looking for something to match my dress and found a nice Zanea shoe (I failed to take photos tho). I like the style, wedge with a sparkling pretty ribbon in front, simple but elegant, so I immediately asked the sales lady to get me a stock so that I can fit the pair. While waiting I looked around and saw another one, it was almost the same style except for the ribbon. When I fit it I immediately felt this is “my” shoe. I scanned the price and man… it’s half the price compared to the first one. Cheapsake by heart, self acclaimed artist in nature, I immediately thought if I can DIY it to make it a little more glamorous like the other one. With an idea in mind I ended up buying the cheaper pair of wedge. I also bought 1 meter ribbon for only Php12.00 and a pair of fancy sparkling earings for Php50.00 I went home excited and ready to do my first DIY shoe project.

First step: Cut to desired length and stitch at the middle to form a ribbon. I made two per shoe.

Second step: Stitch the two ribbons together, then use a glue stick to attach those sparkling earings.

Third step: Lastly stick those ribbons on. I used glue stick at first but I was not satisfied with the result so I stitched it instead ^_^1481127665510

Before and after:

Happy me 🙂

Here are my other DIYs: DIYing my plain bag, DIY slippers out of old jeans


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