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How to Open BPI Easy Saver Account (No Maintaining Balance Account)

Bank of the Philippine Island (BPI) is one of the biggest banks here in the Philippines. The convenience you get from their numerous branches and ATM machine is one of the many reasons why you would want to open an account in this branch. One more thing is that unlike other banks, BPI doesn’t require extra charge for depositing into other BPI accounts outside your city (e.g. province to manila branches).

Requirements that you need:

  1. Valid ID : government issued IDs, must be photo bearing and unexpired.
  2. 1×1 or 2×2 picture : bring at least 3 copies
  3. Proof of Billing : Meralco, Cable, Water Bill etc. This is to verify if your address really exists. If you don’t have any billing named after you, ask for your landlord’s bill or family member’s bill if you are living with your family and have a signed note that you are indeed residing there.
  4. Initial Deposit, at least Php 200.00 for this type of savings account.


Additional Requirements:

  1. TIN number, since 2015 banks are now requiring a TIN number in opening an account.
  2. Proof of Income (can be your Company ID).  Banks nowadays are more careful in tracking money laudering activities so they need to have at least basic knowledge of your source of income.


Easy steps in opening Easy Saver Account

  1. Make sure you have all the requirements needed. Get a queuing number from the guard and wait for your turn.
  2. Once your number is called, go to the customer service desk and tell them what account you want to open.
  3. Present all your requirements and fill out the form carefully and completely.
  4. Give your initial deposit to process your application.
  5. Wait for your card to be released or sometimes they’ll just ask you to get it after 2-3 days, it differs from one branch to another.


BPI Easy Saver account only requires Php200.00 initial deposit with no maintaining balance. But there are fees for every corresponding transactions like Php 5.00 for every withdrawal in any BPI Express Teller ATMs. Php50.00 Card fee, and Php100.00 charge for over the counter withdrawals. Still not bad for no maintaining balance account.

Check this for more information about BPI’s different types of accounts as of Dec 14, 2016.




2 thoughts on “How to Open BPI Easy Saver Account (No Maintaining Balance Account)”

  1. I really wanted to open an account on this but i don’t have tin number, i have to work yet because i’m still undergraduate.


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