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What to do in Tagaytay?

A good quick get away choice would be Tagaytay. Here are the things that you can do.

  1. Visit Picnic Grove. There are a lot of activities that you can do.You can enjoy the Park for only PHP50 entrance fee, Parking Fees: PHP 35.00 Pesos (Cars/Vans), PHP 50.00 Pesos (Jeepneys),  PHP 100.00 Pesos (Buses). Pay your dues at the payment center to avoid hassle in going out.


  • Horse back riding would be the most offered attraction here, upon entering you’ll already hear them saying “Kabayo kayo?” (lol).  Horseback Riding: PHP 150.00 – 200.00 per hour.Picture taking with a donkey costs PHP20 unlimited shots.


Credits to the owner of this photo. I don’t have any because I had to go out of the area quick… I don’t like the smell 🙂
  • Have picnic in the area. Huts and Picnic Sheds: PHP 100.00 – 500.00. While enjoying the overlooking view, and breathe a good fresh air from the top.
  • Souvenirs are around every corner of the Plaza. Indulge yourself scanning everything. They have standard prices for their T-shirts, so you can buy anywhere without worrying that you might be buying a pricey one.SOUVENIR SHOP TAGAYTAY
  • Fish spa, anyone? For only PHP300 you can have 20mins. fish spa by doctor fish and another 10 minutes foot massage from the attendants. They also offer gold-fish catching for only PHP50 for 3 scoopers. Everything you catch will be yours, you only stop catching when all of your scoopers get broken.
  • My favorite part is the Zipline, I keep coming back to it. 🙂 There are two kinds of Zipline inside the park, the other one is shorter and the view is not so good. That was cheaper though. I think it only cost PHP200 for two-way ride. This zipline is on the left side of the Park. PHP 200.00 (one-way zip ride) during weekdays, PHP 300.00 (one-way zip ride) on weekends and holidays.  Additional PHP 100.00 for 2-way zip ride. The price already includes a free picture as a souvenir. Tips are expected at the end of the line :).

2. Food trip – Tagaytay is known for its mouth-watering “Bulalo”. There are so many restaurants to choose from, we had our at Leslie’s. One order costs PHP625 and is good for 5 people already. Bistek tagalog is also a good.

Other best options for food trips are Celina’s, Bag of Beans, Mushroom burger and don’t forget Carmela’s super delicious banana cake in the city.

3. You can get good finds at Olivarez Plaza ukay-ukay

4.Sky Ranch – Enjoy the different kinds of attraction especially the Sky Eye Ferris Wheel, the Tallest Ferris Wheel in the country at 63 meters (207 ft) with 32 gondolas. The entrance fee is PHP50. Attractions inside have different rates, we purchased tickets for Safari splash for PHP100 each only to find out that the rain coats available is already et in the inside. They cannot provide dry ones so we decided not to go and just changed to Log coaster which has the same rate, they allowed it 🙂

5.Puzzle Mansion – listed in the Guinness for having the largest collection of Jigsaw puzzle by Georgina Gil Lacuna on November 9, 2012, is a good place to visit. The road the leads to the mansion is very steep so be very careful.

Pay the entrance fee (PHP1oo) at the reception area, and take a picture before entering the museum. The attendant took a group picture for us and said that it’s for documentation.

Inside the museum there are so many different kinds of puzzles, big, small, 3D, wooden, and many more.

Upstairs you can see the largest and the second largest puzzle in the world.

Don’t forget to check their souvenir shop, there are so many puzzles on sale, some are even discounted upto 50% off. Got mine 🙂 for only PHP750 (from PHP1500 original price).IMG_20160711_214033

We were also asked if we want to buy our pictures taken before we enter, they will convert it into 105 puzzle pieces for PHP500. Expensive so we opted not to take it. 🙂


Enjoy Tagaytay, and share your experiences too. 🙂






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