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Me Before You (tissue please)

So I am browsing my FB account after all the tasks I had to finish for the day, while actually watching “Allegiant”. Then I saw this random video on my news feed with a caption “Me before you”. Hmmm love story, I passed it by, I am really not a type of person who falls in love with a love story. I saw some but very few, and those few are really great, but I really preferred horror, mystery, based on true story types of things. After a while I’ve finished watching “Allegiant”, and oh okay that was it, Chicago is their forever home.

I went back to browse my FB and saw that I’m still on the same part where that love story video is. It wouldn’t hurt to take a look, after all it’s just a preview, that’s what I thought. When I started viewing it I found out that it was a full length, Dolby copy video. So I started watching it, thinking of maybe forwarding it to make it faster just to see the general story, for sure it would be just like the other story of love-change-happy ending thing. Besides it’s already getting late. I promised myself to got to bed early today. But then again I found myself stacked in front of my computer watching the whole thing. Hooked up into the story of a not so brainy girl who needs a new job after losing the last one, to help her family make the ends meet, whom was luckily employed by a rich parents of a paralyzed young man.

As expected the nanny takes care of the stubborn, snobbish patient. Struggles are real for Lou (Louisa Clark) to keep his job as she tried everything she knew just to get along with this frustrated young man who hated his life after his accident. Who wouldn’t be, if you are as successful and as lively as Wil (William Traynor) with a lovely girlfriend, before the accident.

He was paralyzed from his neck down to the tip of his toe. The doctors don’t have any more cure for him and he knew it. A very rich, active, lively young man who felt worthless and frustrated as his girlfriend and best friend told him that they are getting married, has all the right to be cold as ice in front of others. That is why he decided to end his life willingly after 6months which is the time his parents ask for him to spare, thinking that they can still find a way to change his mind. Employing Lou is one thing that the mother saw as a possibility.

happy together

Fast forward, Lou captured Wil’s heart. But later she found out about his plan to end his life. She was beginning to fall for him obviously as she gives more importance to him, and share her dreams to him than her boyfriend Patrick. They are spending a lot of time together and slowly getting to know each other’s aspirations. That’s why is was so sweet of him to give her the best gift ever on her birthday, a bumble bee socks! Even better than the necklace his boyfriend gave her. They must have been so intimate to share & remember tiny details like this.bumblebee socks

Everything is going well for them, she gave him every good experiences to show him that life is good and that she is with him no matter what. Wil fall for Lou, but that doesn’t change his mind about his original plan. He never wanted Lou to stay where she is, she wanted Lou to live for herself, and not for anyone else.

That was the saddest part, I never thought I would shed a tear in this random video that I saw. It’s just heart breaking to see the one you love lost the will to live. But it is also hard to see him frustrated to get back to his old self that everybody knows will never happen anymore.

He let go, and chose to die but gave Lou a life that she has been wanting to live, if not because of all her responsibilities. I guess he doesn’t want to be part of those responsibilities that Lou will have to look after.

Sad, just sad. I thought it would be a fairytale, a happy ending for both of them, but I guess this is reality.

Oh well, cried hard enough today.


“It should buy you your freedom, wear those stripy legs with pride. So this is it, you are scored on my heart. Don’t think about me too often, I don’t want you getting sad, just live well. Just live, I’ll be walking beside you every step of the way.” – Love, Wil


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