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Do online surveys really pay?

Hello and welcome to my blog. I’m sure you are here today because of this question on your mind: “Do online surveys really pay?”. Sure they do, if they are legitimate survey panels. How to know if the surveys that you are taking is legit? Rule number 1 – they don’t ask for registration fees, they will pay you to answer their surveys not you pay them to give you surveys to answer. You can also check some tips in my previous article here.

Before I am maintaining 5 survey panels but due to my busy schedule I can only answer surveys from my top 3 generous survey panels. I haven’t visited my surveys so you will see a lot of new surveys waiting for me to answer them. ^_^

Top 3 AIP online surveys

AIP online pays thru vouchers. Minimum needed for vouchers is 2,500 EPoints = 250PHP. Payment is thru Sodexo Premium Pass (Starting from PHP250.00). Redemption available from 2500 Epoints. It was sent to my home address. It took some time to reach me though.

Top 2 iPanel PH

Point : Cash = 100 : 50 PHP, with a minimum cashout of 100points = 500PHP. Payable thru Paypal.


Top 1 Viewfruit

The minimum redeem point amount is 1500 = $3. Payable thru paypal. I just recently cashed out from viewfruit.

Here are my paypal payouts:


So there you go. As for my experience they really pay. You just have to choose the legit ones. For more tips you can visit My Top 5 Online Surveys

Please comment below your experiences. Questions are also very much welcome!


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