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Preparations we made for our first international trip to Singapore

Things to consider in planning your trip to Singapore

Another adventure for me and my hubby to mark our second year together as husband & wife. This trip takes much consideration because we wanted to really enjoy our first international trip together. Since both of us wanted to go to Singapore then selection for destination was unanimous! Oh yeah! Plus both of us have friends there that we can visit, hitting two birds with one stone? Awesome!

These are the preparations I made before our trip.

  1. Take advantage of the promo fare, best if you can grab some piso fare. I secured our ticket months before our desired trip. Almost everybody knows that airline tickets are cheaper if you booked it early on, so I booked ours four months before our schedule. But in my experience after I booked our ticket I saw cheaper offers (ooopppsss!!) so you might want to try your luck in finding cheaper ones but it’s very risky, generally “the closer the date the higher the price”. For those who are asking me about the price of the tickets, I can say that it really depends on the airlines available base fare on your preferred date, plus baggage, seat selection, insurance, & food as add-ons.
  2. Consider your accommodation. At first I really wanted to stay at a very specific hotel named after the queen, which is also my name (^_^), but after much consideration and from the advice of my very good friend that we will not be spending most of our time in the hotel, and might as well spare the money for tour instead, I looked for other options. My friend also advised me to look at Airbnb site for cheaper yet good place to stay. In the end my hubby and I chose to book cheaper but decent Value Hotel Thomson,  through
  3. Search for the destination that you want to visit. Usually we grab tour packages which includes hotel arrangements, tour, and sometimes even the plane ticket. We had that before in our Palawan and Ilocos trip, but based on our experience we cannot go to the places that we want, because tour package is already fixed. In this case I decided to plan everything since we really want to visit a lot of places, plus we want to meet our friends there. I checked a lot of sites for tourist destinations and their ticket prices and I recommend Viator, I didn’t buy online though (^_^), I just use this as a reference. We bought everything in Singapore because of our changing schedule.
  4. Set your budget. Going on a tour either local or international (especially for the first time) get us excited and so we tend to overspend. Based on our experience, we were able to control our expenses because after choosing which tourist attractions we want to go to I separated a budget for that and another budget for food and shopping. By separating your budget you’ll always be reminded of you limit. It’s fun to shop but always do within your means. You don’t wanna go home broke do you? ^_^
  5. Prepare your luggage and enjoy!!! Be mindful of your baggage allowance, remember to consider setting aside some room for your “pasalubong”.


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