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How to Style Your Plain Bag… My First DIY Bag Project..

I have been a DIY ( Do-It-Yourself) fan ever since. I remember I used to make clothes for my dolls out of some scrap linens from my mama. I also made my own diary from unused pages of old notebooks that I collected. I even had my first flip flop designed with beads, this one does not turn out so good though because the nylon which I used to sew the beads irritates my feet. T-shirt design using silk screen printing, etc. etc. I just hoped I was able to document them before. Now I finally got the chance again to go back to doing the things that I love. It isn’t perfect but what’s important is I’m satisfied with my first DIY Bag Project! So here it goes.

These are the few things that you’ll need:

  • Plain Bag
  • Decorations, it can be anything you want. You’re imagination is the limit, you can even use the scrap book materials, in my case I used colorful strings.
  • Glue, I used mighty bond for strong hold.
  • Scissors

Now off to the decoration part with these five easy steps:

Step 1: I got a plain white synthetic leather bag from Parisian for only Php200.00 and some colorful strings worth Php50.00 and Php25.00 per yard depending on the thickness and design, at SM department store.

IMG_20150916_235900 IMG_20150916_235743IMG_20150916_235730

Step 2: Think of any design that you want. I wanted to make a flower so I cut my colorful strings into four equal lengths, about 2.5″.


Step 3: I glued them and form a flower shape.

IMG_20150917_003358 IMG_20150917_003413IMG_20150917_004733

Step 4: After forming the base of my flower, I cut some more shorter strings and placed it inside. I noticed that the gap between the flower’s petals is wider than what I want so I just add some finishing touch in between. I know this time you’re already confused if this is a flower or a butterfly, believe me I am too, but I’ll stick to my first plan I’m declaring that this one is a flower ^_^.


Step 5: I used thinner strings not only for the spaces in between petals but also to add outline on my a-while-ago plain bag.


The finished product: ^_^


My DIY Bag Project even went to Singapore ^_^

Dhoby Ghaut Station
Dhoby Ghaut Station
Singapore Adventure
Singapore Adventure

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it and if you happen to decide to make your own I would be very glad to see it also… Happy sharing ^_^…


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