Let Your Heart Speak

A love that never was…


An ordinary girl fell in love with an ordinary boy. Nothing magical, they just have something in common, they belong to the same club at school  so they became friends. Little did they know that they are becoming closer and closer to each other. One day the boy told the girl that he likes her. The girl was so happy, she never knew that someone would say it to her. Days passed by, she felt how caring the boy is, she fell for the boy.  When the boy finally asked the girl to be his girlfriend the girl responded with a yes. The boy and the girl were very happy, but not long enough.

The boy became busy that their would be times that he could not be with the girl. So the boy asked his friend to call the girl for him. The girl was surprised to receive a call from her boyfriend’s  friend. The two never knew each other before then so it was awkward for the girl to answer the friend’s question “how is she?”. The friend explained that his friend asked him to look after the girl while he was busy. The girl was happy, she appreciated her boyfriend’s concern for her but she misses her boyfriend  more than anyone else. One day the girl needed to talk to his boyfriend badly because of a very sad situation at home. She called him but he was not home, with tears in her eyes and a shaky voice she called the friend asking if her boyfriend is there. The friend said he is not there and he himself is  also about to leave to go somewhere. The girl put down the phone and cried alone. After a minute the phone rang, it was the friend. The girl was puzzled why the friend called since he just said that he has to go somewhere. The girl asked why did the friend called, the friend responded that he felt the sadness of the girl’s voice so he decided to stay and talk to her. It became more frequent for the friend to call her more than her boyfriend. Meanwhile the girl’s boyfriend has another friend, let’s call him friend B. Friend B also befriended the girl because friend B wanted the girl to help him to get close to the girl’s girl friend. The girl tried but her girl friend don’t like friend B. Friend B thought that the girl don’t want to help him so he stopped talking to the girl. 

Finally the boy and the girl was able to talk again, but the boyfriend asked something that the girl is not expecting. The boy uttered this words “do you like my friend? Is it true that you just used me for you to become close to him?”. The girl was shocked with her boyfriend’s words. She asked where did the boy get that idea, the boy said it’s not important. The girl was so hurt that she asked the boy for a break up without even explaining her side. The girl knew who told her boyfriend those lies. The girl told the friend what happened, how somebody betrayed her, the best friend responded “I will never do that to you.”.

Both the boy and the girl was hurt and they did not know what happened. The boy felt cheated and was hurt how easy it is for the girl to ask for a break up. The girl felt so unfair for his boyfriend don’t trust her where in the first place it is him who introduced her and the friend to each other in a very awkward way. The girl wanted the boy back but the boy refused to entertain the girl.

The girl was so hurt but she cannot do anything. The girl and the friend continued talking and grew closer and closer that they decided to become best friends. But the girl and the friend don’t want any conflict so they kept their friendship from others, especially to the EX. The girl helped the friend, now her best friend, in courting someone. The girl would write the letters that her best friend gave to the girl he likes. Sadly nothing happened.

Annual party is approaching,  the best friend asked the girl to be his date for the party. The girl said she is not sure if she

photo by shutterstock.com
       photo by: shutterstock.com

will go since she is still hurting that her date will not be her EX, but told the best friend that she will try.  The girl decided to go to the party but she was late, the  best friend who was already there waits for her to come. When she entered the ball room the best friends looked at each other, the best friend is with the group where the EX is also there. The girl understood, she proceeded to her friends. The best friend texted her “I  thought you don’t want to come, why do you look so prepared? I’m sorry I cannot come near you.”. The girl replied “it’s okay I understand.” They exchange text the whole night. The girl danced once, twice, thrice, with her friends then would go back to the table again. Then suddenly somebody spoke from behind “may i have this dance” shocked as she was she saw her EX waiting for her answer. She was not able to reply but automatically gave her hand to him. She was very happy, she doesn’t want for the sweet song to end. They did not talk just dance. She cannot look at him but felt every moment while they were dancing. The song ended, the EX brought her to her table and said thank you. The best friend texted “happy?” The girl replied “sadder than before”. The party ended.

The best friend and the girl continued communicating, while the EX found another love. The girl is hurting but she cannot do anything. The girl graduated they parted ways but the best friends kept in touch.

The best friend is still single and so as the girl. One day the best friend asked the girl what is wrong with him why girls don’t like him. The girl said there’s nothing wrong with him they just don’t know him yet. The best friend then asked the girl “if I court you will you answer me?”. The girl just laughed at her best friend. The next day the best friend asked the same question, the girl laughed again and changed the topic. The girl is feeling nervous already, she thinks she is falling for her best friend but she don’t want to get hurt anymore. Besides she’s not sure if her best friend is just picking on her. Their friendship means so much to her. Once again her best friend ask her the same question, finally she answered “I don’t see myself romantically linked to you, were best friends remember?”. She felt the sadness on her best friends voice so as the pain in her heart as she utter those words.

Three weeks had passed the best friends  did not talk to each other. Then her best friend finally called her again. She was very excited to tell him how sorry she was about the things she said and that she mean otherwise. She rehearsed her lines to tell him she fell in love with him but was afraid to admit it back then, and that now she is ready to answer his question. Her best friend said “I want to tell you something…” the girl is excited to hear her best friend’s question again. Her best friend continued “…. I already have a girl friend…” the girl’s heart crashed right then and there. She was not able to respond right away. Her best friend asked if she is not happy for him because she’s not saying anything. She finally opened her mouth and said “congratulations, I’m happy for you.” The next day her best friend called again, all of a sudden she said “I don’t want to be your best friend anymore…..”. Her best friend was shocked but only said “okay”. He never questioned he never refused, he just respected what his best friend wants. The girl wanted to say more but can’t utter it. Telephones finally dropped, the line was cut. The girl wanted to say “…because I wanted to be your girlfriend…” but she was not able to.

courtesy of jjharo photos
courtesy of jjharo photos

She always believe in true love but she knows that it is not easy to find it. She felt she found it but was afraid to claim it. Too late…. it’s just too late.

“Photo courtesy of JJHARO photos”


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