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DIY: How to Make Home Slippers Out of Your Old Jeans

Tired of your old jeans? Not fashionable anymore? Before thinking of disposing it why don’t you try to make something out of it? You can actually make a lot of things out of it, but today what I will talk about is how to make house slippers out of your old jeans. In this project I’m going to use hubby’s damaged pants. There’s a hole just below the knee part and he doesn’t want to wear it anymore so I tried to cut it up to its knee-length and voilà he has an instant new maong shorts. (He was surprised when I showed him this ^_^)

So here you go:

Step 1: Cut the bottom part of your jeans (leave the upper part and keep it as short pants)


Step 2: Trace the slippers/shoes you had in a cardboard and then cut it. Make sure that both pieces has the same length. Nobody wants an uneven slippers!


Step 3: Turn it around so that the inner side is now outside. Trace the cardboard pattern on your old jeans.


Step 4: Cut the traced part, don’t forget to secure it first with pins before cutting so that the back and front part is intact. (Put a little allowance for sewing part, mine is too big so I had to cut it again after sewing).


Step 5: Sew one side of the traced part, half only because it’s easier to insert the cardboard that way.


Step 6: Turn it around again and insert the cardboard. Sew the remaining part.


Step 7: Prepare the toecap, you can actually use the pocket of your jeans, but in this case I saved the upper part as a short pants so I just used the bottom part of the jeans. Sew it just before the rugged part (leave the rugged part, it adds design to your slippers).


Step 7: Sew it on the sides and there you go, you have your slippers already.


Thank you for reading this article. Besides the slippers I made, there are more things that you can do with your old jeans like making bags, aprons, rags, vest, etc. You just have to be creative on how you will do it. Your imagination is the limit. So next time you’re thinking of throwing your old jeans, please remember that you can turn it to other useful things instead.


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