Let Your Heart Speak

The Journey to a Path of Nowhere…

Last night I chase the star
Hoping to find out where you are
It leads me to a desolate place
And found not even an inch of a trace.

I continued until the dawn
Until I can no longer suppress my yawn
Still to no avail
I pursued looking helplessly for your trail.

Relentlessly hoping to see the aurora
wishfully thinking that there I would feel your aura
And lead me where I can see you face to face
To finally end up this chase.

The sun finally showed up its might
But instead of hope it gives me a deep fright
That I may no longer find you
A strange feeling inside, signals it’s the cue.

In desperation I looked up to the sky
I saw a clear blue space right before my eye
It pricks my heart thinking in pain
That I may not see you ever again.

Where are you my love, how far have you gone?
I promised I will come back and you responded “I’ll hold on”
I never broke my promise
I’ve kept in the midst of my solace.

I’ll now go back to where I have left you
I will wait for you just like you do
I will stand there even if it takes forever
Until my last breath is over.


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