Let Your Heart Speak

Please don’t ask me…

Please don’t ask me, I don’t intend to liefor blog final
But my heart aches every time you try.
My heart is burdened, my mind is troubled
If I’ll speak my voice would wobble.

Please don’t ask me for it cause me pain
My remaining strength is on the wane.
Excuse me for I don’t want to answer
It’s just that there’s no words to utter.

Please don’t ask me “when”
For the time is not in my hand
I can’t offer any reason
Haven’t you heard that each thing has its season?

Please don’t ask me “why”
And spare me from those judging eyes
I can see how intrigued you are
Scrutinizing my being from afar.

for blog final2 Please don’t ask me now or later
I don’t wanna treat you as a stranger
But if you insist, then I can’t promise
That I won’t lose my calmness.

Please don’t ask and just let me be
Explaining is my least priority
I can only wait patiently
Heeding to His words faithfully.


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