It’s a Choice, Not a Law to Change Your Maiden Name..

BY Bigpresh Flickr

     Many newly wed women are facing the hustle and bustle of updating their status after getting married. Just the mere thinking of changing all your IDs (SSS, Driver’s license, Passport, etc.) is already a stressful idea that we women are experiencing. Some of the reasons (but not limited to)  were to be recognized as Mrs. so and so, some are for it to be easier to know what to write on the birth certificates if ever they will have children, some think it’s necessary to claim some benefits, but most especially, because it’s the norms. The question is, is it a must? Is it a law? For those who would want to retain their name after marriage, the answer is NO. There is no law in the Philippines stating that women should change their surname after getting married meaning, it’s a choice! And not everybody knows it. You can find a legal argument here. If you read the article on the link, it explains that it is not an obligation to use your husband’s name after getting married, but once you used it, meaning you change the name appearing on your IDs, the process is no longer reversible unless the marriage will be declared void because of annulment or death of the husband.

For those who are following the norms like me, we have to do all the name changing of all the IDs that we are using. I will be writing my experiences on this soon! ^_^ But for those who would want to do this,the law says,  it is perfectly okay.

(Credits to the owner of the pic.)


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