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My Top Five Online Surveys

Before we go to my top five online survey panels allow me to share some facts first.

Fact #1 Cashout Times and Rewards Vary For Different Survey Panels.

Most people have misunderstood that Paid Surveys reward will be received immediately. Please forget this concept, most of the time getting paid involves waiting. Surveys have allotted time to complete their target number of participants, some surveys will hold the reward until the survey is declared closed.

In order to process your payment rewards, you have to meet the minimum cashout determined by the survey panel, low cashout amount means faster rewards redemption. Once you reach the minimum cashout threshold, redemption function will be enabled. Payment methods are usually through paypal or vouchers.

Fact #2   You Can Complete Lots of Surveys Everyday –> THIS IS A MYTH

Just like I said in my Commonly Asked Questions About Online Surveys article, even though you are so eager to answer all the surveys, you just couldn’t do so. It’s not because there are no survey available but because not all survey is for you. Let’s say for example you have no car and the available survey is for cars, definitely you cannot be invited in this one, so on and so forth. You’re expectation of survey invitation should be more realistic. You got an invitation and got very excited to answer only to find out that your survey was cut short even before you get to the first actual survey question, WHY? Because before you can complete a survey, you will have to go through an initial screening process; this generally consists of series of questions about demographics and questions about the use of products/services that may be featured in the survey. If your answers do not match the criteria of the survey, you will be screened out and will not be eligible to continue and get the full reward. Usually they only give 1 to 5 points to thank you for participating.

Fact #3 Lying on Surveys Can Cause an Account to be Terminated

You’re already successful in completing some surveys but you want more. You start to learn what type of answers are going to get them screened out of a survey. You are now tempted to start adjusting your answers towards qualifying questions so that you can qualify for more surveys. While this sounds favorable to you, you may not want to push your luck. It may cost more than what can be earned. Survey panels are strict about what their respondents do when taking a survey. Remember they have your information in your profile. If you start to mess things up (answer questions differently, e.g. saying yes you have a car, even if you don’t) the company reserves the right to terminate your account and suspend the rewards earned. The easiest way to make sure a respondent earns from answering Paid Surveys is to be honest. The more consistent your answers, the more likely you will earn from Paid Surveys continuously.  Remember: there are no shortcuts!

Fact #4 Not all survey panels are satisfying 

Background check is the key. Just like any other businesses or industries, there will be bad Survey Panels. When joining a Survey Panel, you might want to first check how long the Survey Panel has been in business and whether it is associated with Market Research associations. Sometimes even though associated with Market Research associations does not necessary prove the Survey Panel is credible. Feedback from other members of the panel and past earning proofs are a good basis to know which ones are good and bad. You wouldn’t want to waste your time and effort with unsatisfying survey panels do you?

Fact #5 All Survey Panel Requires Your Information

Email address, Name, Address, Gender, Birthday, Payment method and ideal survey frequency are general requirements of every survey panel. This will be their reference in matching you to any kind of survey in the future. Tip: complete your profile to make sure you’ll have more chances of invites.

(Facts courtesy of Panel Place)

And now as promised here’s the list of my favorite Top Five Online Survey

Top 5 Quest Mindshare (

Qquest mindshareuest Mindshare is what I can call standard online survey panel. You have to fill out their form completely to get more chance to be invited in a survey.

Currency is in Euro. Minimum payout is €10.00, upon reaching this amount update button will be activated and your money will be transferred to your online account at PayPal. If you do not have an account with PayPal, you can register for an account by going to Note that this account needs to be registered to the same e-mail address as in the panel. To complete the transaction you need to approve it in your PayPal account within 30 days. PayPal charges a 2% handling fee for transferring money to your PayPal account.

Maximum invites: 2 times per month (too few)

Top 4 Paidviewpoint (


I choose Paid Viewpoint as my top 4 because this is not your usual survey panel. It is so easy to register here, will not require you to accomplish too many data upon registration. They don’t require your name either, an exemption to fact #5.

“PaidViewpoint’s patent-pending TraitScoreSM system was invented to assess the candor and consistency of survey respondents and to incentivize these characteristics. Historically, there has been a huge problem in the online market research industry concerning the quality of data. Unfortunately, some people do not read survey questions, or stop to think for a few seconds, and fail to give their candid opinions or truthfully disclose their demographics. PV decided to build algorithms into its system which identify the members with best practices and reward them for being good survey takers. The system PV uses to perform this assessment is called “TraitScore”. The key to earning a high TraitScoreSM is quite simple: Be honest about your demographics and traits, always give your honest opinions, and don’t be fickle. Change your mind only when it is really changed. Lastly, remember, we aren’t interested in your personal identity. We don’t even ask for your real name. We want to learn about you and your candid opinions but we maintain your privacy so that you will feel free to speak your mind.” (quoted from PV website)

All cash-out payments are made through Paypal, without any exceptions. Minimum cashout is $15

Since PV don’t require you to fill out so many forms like other survey panel do, they use of what they call “Trait Surveys”. Traits surveys are small collections of questions that help them get to better know you and your interests. Trait surveys almost always comes every day and you’re rewarded with Trait score for accomplishing it. Your goal is to achieve a TraitScore of 9000 or better. That will place you in the top 10% of PV members and means you will earn more for each answer.  It will take you a long waiting time though to achieve 9000 Trait Score.

Other earning opportunity : You can earn up to $25.00 for every new member you invite. Every time they cash out you’ll get 20% of every survey reward.

Top 3 AIP Online Surveys (

AIP logoAfter registering as a member of AIP and responding to their online surveys from your “My Page”, you will be rewarded with EPoints. Accumulated EPoints can later be redeemed for gift vouchers and / or cash. 1 EPoint = 0.1 PHP. Minimum needed for vouchers is 2,500 EPoints = 250PHP. Payment is thru Sodexo Premium Pass (Starting from PHP250.00). Redemption available from 2500 Epoints

Other ways to earn: Introduce your friends to AIP ONLINE SURVEYS and receive bonus EPoints!! Refer up to five (5) friends to register with them. After each of your friends has completed registration and participated in their first AIP survey, you and your friend will both receive bonus EPoints! (350 EPoints for you, 250 EPoints for your friend)

Maximum invites: 2 times per month (too few)

Top 2 iPanelonline (


iPanelonline is my second favorite survey panel simply because I got a lot of surveys everyday. Many companies trust iPanelonline because it has been in the business for 11 years now. They already built their reputations to companies who want their market study done, as well as survey takers like us. Though I cannot always finish all surveys (reason is already stated above) still it’s good that everyday there are new surveys, everyday there’s a chance to answer at least one. They are also generous in giving points.

Rule on points ▨ Point : Cash = 100 : 50 PHP, with a minimum cashout of 100points = 500PHP. Payable thru Paypal.

Other earning opportunities : 1. By inviting friends, you will not only get reward points but also have chance to win the contribution awards which are issued monthly. 2. Lucky Draw (They run weekly lucky draw for active members.) You can earn points to be added in your existing points.

Top 1 Viewfruit

Viewfruit and iPanelonline are both good survey panels but since viewfruit is my first ever survey panel I already earn a lot of points from it. Viewfruit provides me all my first time experience in getting involve in answering online surveys. I can have invites everyday because they have so many on going projects. They are also generous in giving points. The minimum redeem point amount is 1500 = $3. Payable thru paypal.

Other earning opportunity : You can recommend your friends and relatives to join Viewfruit and they will be automatically recorded as your Survey team member in the system. For any survey they complete, the system will reward you 10% additional points.

I hope this article helps you decide if you want to engage yourself in online surveys. I do online surveys because I really enjoy answering surveys especially if I like the featured product. What about you?

If you find this article helpful, interesting, or questionable please feel free to contact us. Thank you and happy sharing.


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