Cutting edge technology has gone a long way. Way back let’s say 15-20 years ago, almost everything is in primitive stage. Especially in terms of researching. Back then, it was so hard to research my assignments, I need to have more references as possible but mine is limited only to dictionary, encyclopedia, and text books.  Not only that, exploring so many things are even beyond my reach.

Good thing 20th century came, technology booms, internet was launched, thus making our life today easier. I became addicted in reading research articles in the internet. Oh how easy it is to find several meanings for certain words that were never familiar to me. Plus, it became so easy to learn new ideas from other people around the globe without even spending huge amount of money just to reach them. That was the beauty of blogging for me. Ordinary yet skilled/talented individuals started sharing their knowledge, experiences, and best of all expertise. I benefited from these generous-idea-sharing community. One day I realized since I am benefiting from information on the internet why not try sharing my own ideas, experiences, expertise, and researches? That is why I finally decided to launch “theloveofsharing.wordpress.com”.

What to expect:

Anything that is worth sharing!


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